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I am here to help you grow and gather, forage and harvest and see what resonates with you.  My services are a wide and flexible offering.  If you would like to co-create together, please be in touch by filling out this contact form.


Garden Design & Consult

My design process is both experiential and collaborative, as I invite my clients to co-design with me. I prefer to design on site, directly in context by outlining paths and garden beds onto the earth while experiencing shapes and proportions in real time and place. I offer my clients new ways to understand, feel, and imagine their outdoor space. Together we come up with a garden design that is harmonious, bountiful, celebratory, and full of meaning.

Fine Pruning &
Home Foraging

Fine pruning and foraging go hand in hand, no pun intended! Whether you are seeking a one time foraging field trip in your own garden, fine pruning for your structural trees and shrubs, or seasonal garden project support ...I would be delighted to help you experience your garden with a keen eye, skilled hand, and in a state of awe and wonder.

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Project Management

I offer project management and garden maintenance consultation.  This includes assessing plant health and creating a seasonal project list specific to your garden.  When certain tasks are done at specific times of the year, hours upon hours of weeding maintenance can be avoided while encouraging vigor in your chosen garden plants.  I provide clients with a personalized maintenance calendar and plant care report to personally use themselves or as a reference to better direct their "mow and blow" service.

Wine Country
Garden Retreats

The garden at this private retreat is the perfect spot to gather and make lasting memories with family and friends. Located in the heart of the wine country, I offer a special private retreat with endless possibilities. Enjoy cooking with a professional chef in our kitchen, participating in workshops and classes, going on winery tours, or even trying your hand at the ceramic wheel. Come visit and explore all that Third Street Retreat has to offer.

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K-12 Education & Community

Ever since my son started preschool over 15 years ago, I have been working for schools by designing outdoor learning spaces, promoting plant literacy, and creating opportunities for connection. My work with schools connects students to plants and also gathers people within a school community to a celebration of botanical beauty and bounty. Some of my favorite partners in this area have been Oregon Episcopal School, Riverdale Grade School and Taking Ownership PDX.  Please learn more here.

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